Boost your kitesurfing skills to the next level.

Our mission at KiteCamp is to improve your riding style and teach you impressive new tricks.

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So you are riding upwind now, what's next?

We all were at the point, where we wanted to:

  • make higher jumps
  • finally commit to that backroll
  • do a stylish darkslide
  • try our first kiteloop
  • name it!

With KiteCamp you will be able to learn and land your favorite tricks with style, by taking part in one of our kite camps or individual courses.

Tricks you will learn

  • Jumped transition
  • Backroll
  • Tweaking & grabs
  • Backroll handplant transition
  • Double back- and frontroll
  • Darkslide
  • Jesuswalk
  • High backroll kiteloop

Our mission

Our mission at KiteCamp is to boost your kitesurfing skills to the next level.

We want to help you progress and reach your personal goals in a friendly, safe and professional environment.

We want you to have fun. Remember, it's kitesurfing.

Step 1: Action plan

We will assess your current riding level by monitoring you. Together we work out a step by step action plan, to reach your desired goals.

Step 2: Learn step by step

We break down tricks into small and easy achievable steps. Overcoming fear and mental barries is as important as commitment to a flawless execution.

Step 3: Monitoring & feedback

Our coaches will completely focus on you during your session. They will give you valuable feedback and tipps in the water and on land. Small improvements will have big impacts.

Step 4: Debriefing & video analysis

The work is not done yet. Together with our coaches you will recap and analyse your riding on professional videos and/or pictures after your session. You will be able to identify exactly what might went wrong and how to improve it.

Of course you will get all the footage after the camp or indiviual course for free!

Our services

We offer two types of trainings:

Both, the camps of one week and private individual courses are held in English, German and/or Spanish. But we like to welcome you from all over the world.

Next camps

No next camps planned yet.

Our team

We are a small team of professional coaches and photographers, passionate about kitesurfing. We all love to travel and explore new kitespots around the world.

Our partners

  • Duotone Kiteboarding
  • ION

Success stories

Success story of Zoe

Andrés, one of the coaches of KiteCamp, guided me in easy steps to make my first backroll. I was always afraid of spinning. But splitting the whole movement into easy learnable steps helped me to land my first backroll. I would definitely recommend KiteCamp. I was taking an individual course in Cumbuco in Brazil, but will go for a camp in the future.

Success story of Kevin

KiteCamp allowed me to improve my riding style and send some new tricks I wouldn't have imagined to learn so easily. It's impressive how small tipps can make such a huge difference. We had a blast and all of us made a great step forward in kitesurfing. Definitely recommendable!

Success story of Stefania

Together with my coach at KiteCamp we defined an action plan to learn the backroll handplant transition with kiteloop. We started with the basic backroll and some downloop transitions. Then I continued to learn kiteloops and the force they produce. In the end I could combine all the learned skills and land it successfully. What a nice feeling! Thank you so much Andrés and KiteCamp, I'll be back soon ;)



How long is a private individual course taking?

We offer 2 hours as a basic package.

But we can plan an invidiual course based on your current riding level and the goals you would like to achive.
Feel free to get in touch.

What riding level is required to be able to join a camp or individual course?

You need to be able to ride upwind.

Get in contact, if you are unsure about your level.

In what languages do you coach?

We speak English, German and Spanish.

It's important to speak & understand it for safety reasons and to enjoy your time with other participants at the camp.