All skills we coach

Basic skills:

  • Body position
  • Transition
  • Carved transition/turn
  • Riding toeside/switch

Jumping skills:

  • Loaded pop
  • Basic jumps
  • High jumps
  • Jumped transition

Basic tricks:

  • Front- and backside shifty
  • Basic grabs
  • 180 to toeside/switch
  • Boardslide
  • Backroll
  • Loaded backroll

Intermediate tricks:

  • Stiffy
  • Table top
  • Tweaking & grabs
  • Frontroll
  • Toeside backroll
  • Back- and frontroll transition
  • Back- and frontroll with grab
  • Inverted back- and frontroll
  • Raley

Kiteloop skills:

  • Carved downloop transition
  • Jumped down- and kiteloop transition
  • Landings with down- and kiteloop

Advanced tricks:

  • Riding blind
  • Backroll handplant transition
  • Double back- and frontroll
  • Darkslide
  • Footslide transition
  • Jesuswalk
  • High back- and frontroll kiteloop

Please note
We mainly focus on hooked tricks.
So far we don't offer trainings in other kitesurfing disciplines like unhooked- or strapless freestyle.

You haven't found your favorite hooked trick on the list or want to learn something specific? Let us know. We like to hear your feedback.

Upcoming camps

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